On-Site Diagnosis: Immediate Access to Results

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Frontier Village Veterinary Clinic is pleased to offer our patients extensive in-house diagnostic capabilities. A physical examination will not always give us the answers we need to explain a pet’s condition or symptoms. We use our on-site diagnostic laboratory equipment to search for explanations below the surface.

Diagnostics are an especially important part of your pet’s wellness because they give our veterinarians a complete picture of your pet’s health. If we consistently collect a baseline of your pet’s health, we will be able to quickly detect any changes. We regularly find unexpected abnormalities in seemingly healthy pets that were not yet showing any clinical symptoms. For pet’s that are in crisis, having immediate access to the test results saves valuable time in deciding the best treatment for our patients.

Our diagnostic services include:

In-house laboratory
Our laboratory is an invaluable tool to keep your pet healthy and safe. We are able to conduct blood work, urinalysis, parasite testing, and more from the comfort of your pet’s home clinic. There is no shortage of problems that we test for, including infection, anemia, liver or kidney disease, skin disease, and thyroid malfunctions. For complex cases, we work closely with a local veterinary diagnostic laboratory with board-certified specialists who will assist us with our diagnosis.
Digital radiography is the new standard for veterinary medicine and our clinic is no exception. Just steps from our exam room, digital radiography gives us the ability to perform full body or dental X-rays and be able to read the diagnostic film in seconds. Our digital capabilities are especially good for critical patients not only because it is quicker, but also the quality of the image is crisper and clearer, which enhances the accuracy of our diagnosis. It will help us to swiftly and decisively detect the ingestion of foreign objects (toys, garbage, etc.), traumas or fractures, tumors, or urinary stones.
We have access to a board-certified radiologist who is available to perform ultrasounds on short notice for our patients right here in our clinic. Ultrasounds are an especially beneficial diagnostic tool used to see a three-dimensional image of soft tissue structures. The enhanced visibility allows us to accurately diagnose tumors, abnormal anatomy, and inflammatory conditions in a non-invasive manner.

If you have any concerns for your pet’s health, call us for a diagnosis today.

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