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Continuing Education on The Caribbean Sea #VetTechLife

Continuing Education is an important part of many industries, and the veterinary field is no exception. One of our own licensed technicians actually attended a CE (continuing education) lecture series featured on a cruise ship in the Caribbean!

Veterinary Technicians are a vital part of the veterinary industry. They become licensed by passing a National Board Exam and then a Washington State exam. After successfully passing these they must keep up their knowledge by acquiring continuing education credits – currently Washington State requires 30 hours every 3 years.

One of our own technicians, Christina, attended a lecture series entitled “CE on the Sea” and was featured on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, March 17-21. This four-day cruise left Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, sailed to Cozumel, Mexico and returned to the states.

The lectures were presented during the day and encompassed many topics. Pain management, dentistry, updates on CPR, anesthesia, the acute abdomen patient, dystocia, and EKG analysis were among the topics offered. About 300 technicians attended this event, from all over the United States and England!

The program did allow for a little leisure time, as the day the ship docked in Cozumel there were no lectures held and Christina was able to sail on a Catamaran for a short snorkeling tour on Cozumel! If you haven’t been to the Caribbean before, the clear green-blue waters are breathtaking and the colorful tropical fish that abide around Cozumel are a sight to be seen!

The cruise ship itself, the Independence of the Seas, was impressive; it carries around 4,000 passengers, and features 3 pools, as well as a Flowrider, rock climbing Wall, and ice skating rink. The unlimited food (all included) is also something to mention, especially when the soft serve ice cream machine is right on the swimming deck.

Moral of the story – CE is a necessary requirement, but can be a fun experience!

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